2015 Alvin H. Crawford Mentoring Award

2015 Alvin H. Crawford Mentoring Award

The Alvin H. Crawford Mentoring Award embodies all the characteristics of Dr. Alvin H. Crawford who is a distinguished orthopaedic surgeon, seasoned clinician, dedicated teacher
and devoted scientist.  For many years Dr. Crawford tirelessly guided students, residents and fellows on the road to careers as successful orthopaedic surgeons.

Each year, JRGOS honors a surgeon who has supported and guided an individual in the same remarkable way as Dr. Crawford.

Nominate a JRGOS member who has demonstrated Dr. Crawford’s extraordinary commitment
to excellence and has significantly influenced your professional achievements.

Please send a brief note citing the reason(s) you believe a JRGOS member has made a lasting impact on you and the orthopaedic community to JRGOS@aaos.org


Past Recipients of the Alvin H. Crawford Mentoring Award:

2014 – Toni McLaurin, MD

2013 – Clarence L. Shields Jr., MD

2012 – Cato T. Laurencin, MD

2011 – Anthony T. Fenison, MD

2010 – George V. Russell, Jr., MD

2009 – Richard E. Grant, MD

2008 – Eleby R. Washington, MD

2007 – Felasfa M. Wodajo, MD

2006 – William T. Long, MD

2005 – Charles H. Epps, MD

2004 – Claudia L. Thomas, MD

2001 – Larry T. Johnson, MD and Charles D. Mitchell. MD